This week's recipe comes from CSA member Max:

When I saw the beautiful ginger in this week's share, I knew exactly what to make: delicious Japanese cuisine inspired rice bowls with fresh vegetables and quick pickled ginger. Hope you enjoy this simple, healthy recipe ! And feel free to make any substitutions depending on what veggies you have.


Ginger root, grated

Spinach (or bok choy or similar green veggie)

Carrots, grated

Mustard greens (or any sprout or similar green), chopped

Tofu, cubed


Seasoned rice vinegar

Soy sauce and / or ponzu sauce

Vegetable oil


1. Cook the rice.

2. While rice is cooking, prep the veggies.

3. Submerge the ginger in a shallow bowl till it is fully covered in rice vinegar. Salt the mixture and set aside till meal is ready.

4. Make the sauce by mixing soy sauce and / or ponzu sauce. Add a tablespoon or so of oil. Salt mixture.

5. Put cooked rice in bowl and top with various veggies and ginger. Pour sauce over to taste. Enjoy!