MEmber responsibilities

The CSA is a 100% volunteer-led organization, and all members are required to donate some time. Each member must complete one work shift during the season. Saturday members can choose to set up the pick up in the morning, help break things down in the afternoon or drive leftover food items to St. John the Evangelist to be donated. On Wednesdays, members will be asked to run the pick up or can also choose to help out on Saturdays. Members who have already completed a shift or have limited mobility are asked to contribute a recipe to our blog. Work shifts are a great way to connect with members of the community, fairly easy, you get to sit in a beautiful garden for a couple hours and you might even get some extra leftover veggies! Members do NOT have to volunteer on a day that they pick up their share, although most members choose to do so. 

Members select a work shift prior to the season starting and we ask that they do not cancel with less than 48 hours notice unless they can find their own replacement. We also ask that members are on time for their shift. Please click the button below to sign up for a work shift. If you are looking for a more in depth explanation of what to expect during each shift, please click HERE

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Shifts in the garden do require some physical labor (e.g. carrying boxes, putting up tables and tents). If you are unable to complete these tasks due to a disability or injury please sign up to share a recipe, assist with the Wednesday distribution or feel free to suggest another way you'd like to contribute. 


The Core Group is an all-volunteer group made up of members of the East Williamsburg community. We are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the CSA so that the farmer can focus on growing great food. We answer your emails, recruit new members, work with the farm to set pricing, oversee distribution, handle member payments, run social media accounts and generally try to keep everything running smoothly. We are volunteers who are committed to the ideals of the CSA and want to ensure that our community has access to affordable, high quality food. If you would like to do more to improve the East Williamsburg CSA, we want to hear from you! Please contact us and put Core Group in the subject line. 

The CSA Agreement

 As a member, I am committed to support the farm with prompt payments, volunteering my time through work shifts to support the functioning of the CSA, and most importantly, to enjoy the bounty of the fresh produce received through the CSA. 

I understand that if I do not pick up my share, my food will be donated to those who cannot normally afford a share.

CSA members join with their farmer in both the risks of farming (crop failure, poor weather, flat tires or bad traffic) and its benefits (a bountiful harvest season, cooking recommendations, direct relationship with the farmer, and the ability to come visit the farm).  I understand that my share will vary from week to week, generally consisting of 6 - 10 different seasonal vegetables, and that there is no guarantee of the exact amount or contents of my share.  The shares will vary in weight, size, and vegetables/fruits (depending on what is purchased) throughout the season.


Photo by Liz Clayman

Photo by Liz Clayman