Our season runs each year from June - November. Members can either sign up for a full share (22 pickups) or a half share (11 pickups). This year members can choose to pick up on Saturdays and/or Wednesdays. 

At each pickup, members can expect to receive between 5 and 7 types of certified organic vegetables, and enough food to make two large vegetarian meals and sides for a week. Members won't know what the weekly variety includes until pickup, and items cannot pre-selected - but that is all part of the fun! 

We also have a number of 'add on' shares from other local farms or Brooklyn-based purveyors. Note, you must first sign up for at least a half vegetable share to be eligible to purchase any of the 'add on' shares. See below! 

An example vegetable share for each season may look like this: 

Spring: Arugula, Baby Lettuce Mix, Beets, Cauliflower, Japanese turnips, Kale, Radishes

Summer: Bell Peppers, Carrots, Fennel, Garlic, Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes

Fall: Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Collard Greens, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Turnips, Winter Squash

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 10.45.49 AM.png

Vegetable, Fruit and Egg Shares from Hearty Roots Farm and Montgomery Place Orchard, Sign up HERE

  • Veggie Full or Half Share*         (22 or 11 weeks, $570/ $295) 
  • Fruit Full or Half Share              (18 or 9 weeks, $255 / $130)
  • Egg Full or Half Share               (22 or 11 weeks, $125 / $65) 


Pasta share from Sfoglini Pasta

  • Pasta Share**                             (11 weeks, $55)


 Meat and Dairy Shares from General Cochran Farm, Sign up HERE

  • Beef, Pork, Chicken Share        (11 or 6 weeks, prices vary) 
  • Milk Full or Half Share              (22 or 11 weeks,  $99/ $49.50) 
  • Yogurt Full or Half Share          (22 or 11 weeks, $143 / $71.50)


* Prices include a $20 charge on your vegetable share. This is an annual membership fee that goes to farm and garden supplies, as well as the 3rd party organizations like Just Food that help us run.

**If you are interested in pasta, please email us directly at eastwilliamsburgcsa@gmail.com to facilitate payment.